Carolyn Waterfall, MS, LPC

Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Counselor

Relationships   Anxiety Depression  Trauma  Emotional  Disturbance  Communication Personal Awareness  Codependency  Stress  Emotional  Intelligence  Mindfulness  LGBTQ  Affirming  and  knowledgeable 

Are you wondering why life is so difficult and stressful?

Would you like help with relationship challenges?

Are you frustrated about reaching your goals?

Are you angry or sad a lot of the time?

Are unpleasant memories getting in your way?

Does it seem like you’re missing something?

I can help you develop the skills and insight to be all you want to be. In a warm, safe, and even fun environment, you’ll get to explore new ways to think about your experience and try out more effective ways to approach your challenges.

Give me a call. Come see how much better things can be!