Carolyn Waterfall, MS, LPC

Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Counselor

Conflict is a fact of life. It happens between individuals, within work teams, among trade negotiators, within communities and organizations and among nations. It can be about scarce resources, identity-group polarization, power, injustice or just plain misunderstanding. We can try to avoid it, compete as adversaries, or use cutting edge collaborative practices to resolve the conflict and learn and grow from the experience.

Carolyn provides professional mediation and conflict coaching services to help resolve disputes between individuals and groups. Her compassionate approach emphasizes reaching positive, creative agreements and repairing relationships where possible.

She is a certified mediator with a master’s degree in counseling and substantial experience in mediation, facilitation, conflict coaching, and conflict management. Her professional experience spans local and state government agencies, public and private organizations, as well as union and non-union workplaces.